Bola Today is an online magazine focusing on poker, poker events, tournaments, and tips and advice for players, new and old. They offer a range of interesting articles to help new players and to shed light on the exciting world of professional poker tournaments and games. You will also find helpful advice on how to improve your game and be a better poker player.

The owner of the magazine is Glenn Anderson. He is a local poker expert and a very good player. He has all the information about tournaments, historic moments and how to bluff your way to a winning game. His team of writers are all passionate about poker and very good at covering all things related to poker. Anything you want to know about poker, they already know it.

The purpose of this magazine is to help aspiring poker players understand the international world of poker and what it takes to be one of the great players of all time. A very small percentage of players actually make it to the big time. However, if you are meant to be one of the greats then we can get you on the right starting track.

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