Advertise with Bola Today and get your business, product or event on the map!

Bola Today is offering a select few advertising spots on this magazine site. The spots are limited and sought after. If you want to make use of this opportunity, you need to move fast.


Who Can Apply?

If your business, product or event is related to the poker world in any way, you are welcome to apply. For example, if you are an online casino, local poker tournament organizer, poker set seller, restaurant, etc. you will get good exposure to the right audience when you advertise here.


What are the Costs?

The costs depend on the number of advertisements you buy, the type of advertisement, the page on which it will be placed, and the special effects involved.
Costs generally vary between $25 and $100 per month. No matter how many or where your placement, you will find an advertisement here very helpful.


When Can You Apply?

You can apply at any time. The advertisements run on a cycle and yours will only run as soon as the next spot opens up. Once you send an email to apply, Bola Today will inform you of available spots and any other relevant information.

This is truly a great opportunity to get your business or product noticed. Poker is becoming more and more popular as both a social game and an alternative to making a living. Everyone wants easy money. So, make use of this opportunity and give your business that boost you’ve been waiting for.