Online Poker versus Traditional Poker: Which is the Best?

Online Poker versus Traditional Poker Which is the Best - Online Poker versus Traditional Poker: Which is the Best?

Online or traditional poker – which one is better? Both types have their pros and cons. The choice of which is best is based on every person’s individual preference. There are several things that are different between the two options and you can decide which one you prefer based on these differences. Some people will always choose traditional poker because of the social factor and others will choose online because of the anonymity, for example. Let’s have a look at the things that may influence your choice.

Online poker rooms have lower rakes. This means that they take a smaller cut of the pot for themselves. Traditional casinos or brick and mortar casinos take a bigger cut because they have large overhead costs and lots of employees to pay. If you want to win bigger, online poker may be better for you.

You can hide your tells with online poker. Tells are things that may indicate to your opponent whether your cards are good or bad and whether you are bluffing. Tells can be something like eye twitching, finger thumping, sweating, shuffling around, etc. When you play online your opponent cannot see these things which give you a better chance of bluffing or hiding your tells. There are other things that may indicate a bad hand or good idea online, though. For example, if you play too fast or too slow it may give the opponent an indication of your hand.

Traditional poker is more focused. When we play online poker we are most likely at home relaxing. However, even in times when you relax the chances are good that some household tasks will distract you. Cooking dinner, kids, cleaning up, etc. may all distract you. This may make you a worse player because you’re not focused. With traditional poker, you have to sit at the table and focus and be present and pay attention to every little thing that is happening. That has its benefits for making you play better.

You can play more than game or table at a time when you play online. With traditional poker, you need to wait for the other players to make their move. For some people, this may be a problem. If you get impatient fast or want to up your daily winnings, you can play more than one room at a time. You can make your move while the other players in one game are making their moves and then switch back again.

Online poker offers the chance to observe your opponents. In online poker rooms, you will typically get the same players playing regularly. You can keep an eye on what the specific players do. By keeping track of what a player with a specific online name does, you can learn how to outplay him or her.

Online poker can be very impersonal and isolated. For people who want to be behind the scenes and out of the spotlight, online poker is great. However, some players enjoy having opponents with them in the room. They enjoy the human interaction, the mind games, and the social aspect. For some players, this is a necessary aspect and one that will always win out over online poker’s impersonal nature.

So, based on these aspects or factors, which types of poker will you like best? Some people may enjoy both and take turns while others will have a definite favorite. Only you can decide what you prefer.

Have a look at this article about subscription-based online poker. It may help you with your decisions. You can also learn more about tournaments and bluffing by reading some of our older articles.


Poker Tournaments: Playing With the Big Boys

Poker Tournaments Playing With the Big Boys - Poker Tournaments: Playing With the Big Boys

Poker is popular in every country. From local to international tournaments, you are sure to find one that features a few of the big shots. In the last few decades, there have been a few tournaments and events that are big and where the poker pros of the world go to play. Every country has their tournaments but players from across the world come to play. Today, we have a quick look at some of these tournaments. If they happen near you, try and get a ticket to watch how the pros do it.


World Series of Poker –USA

World Series of Poker is the most famous poker tournament in the USA. Players who win and do well receive bracelets to add to their names. These bracelets are an indication of being a pro player. The tournament has been going for decades and is held in Las Vegas every year. You can catch the action live on ESPN or even on online channels.


European Poker Tour – Europe

This is the largest poker tour in the world. It gets its merit from having the largest number of players and the biggest prize pool compared to other tournaments. The tournament was founded in 2004. The World Series of Poker Europe is also a popular event which was started in 2007 only.


Crown Australian Poker Championship – Australia/ Pacific Region

This tournament is also known as the Aussie Millions. It is the largest tournament in the Pacific region and offers a platform for pros at the bottom of the world map. Crown Melbourne is another event in these regions and it is hosted by the World Series of Poker owners and Aussie Millions.

These are the major tournaments in the world. Smaller tours and tournaments can be found all around the world. Some of these include the Caribbean Poker Adventure, Poker Stars events, the LA Poker Classic, the World Poker Challenge, etc.


Tournament Schedules and News

You can find the latest tournament information on several websites these days. We have a few sites that offer videos, schedules, and the latest news on wins and upcoming tours. Have a look at these if you want to visit one to see how the pros do it or even to take part in your first tournament.


International Poker Tournaments (EPT, WPT, WSOP)

Poker Stars Live

World Poker Tour XIII

The best way to learn and get your game better is to watch what the pros do and don’t do. For more on poker events, visit our EVENTS page. You can also read about the most famous poker players and the top poker games.


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Poker Bluff: How to Do It and How to Identify It

Poker Bluff How to Do It and How to Identify It - Poker Bluff: How to Do It and How to Identify It

Bluffing is an important aspect of poker but one that must be used correctly. Bluffing for the sake of bluffing will hardly ever end well for you. Knowing when to bluff and recognizing when an opponent is likely bluffing is very important. Today, I want to discuss a few points on bluffing to help our beginners out. Watching the pros at tournaments will also help you understand how they see when someone is bluffing or how they hide their own bluffs.

1. Avoid bluffing too much. Beginners are especially guilty of this. You will get a lot further and win more money by bluffing only when you’re sure the situation is right. You should rather play your good hands very well and win that way. Bluffing can work very well many times, but it is risky and if you don’t use it well you will lose.

2. You can use bluffing as a strategy. If you bluff your opponent a few times and show them, you may cause some tilt. They may get frustrated or angry and play recklessly or make bad calls which work to your advantage. This will also mean that they won’t believe you when you actually have a good hand and play it to the end to win.

3. You should time bluffing well. Bluffing is a good strategy when you know that your opponent is likely to fold. If you know that your opponent doesn’t have the high cards to push it all the way, you can bluff because he is likely to fold. Knowing these signs comes with practice and experience and should not be tried by beginners.

4. Study your opponents. The best way to tell when your opponents may be bluffing is to learn how they work. Every player has their tells. You just need to know how to see it. Some players play with sunglasses, hoodies, etc. to keep their opponents from seeing their tells.

5. Know what a tell is. Different players have different tells. You should study a few tournaments and videos to see what type of behavior may indicate a bluff or a tell. Tells can be any small thing that changes in the player, for example, eye twitching, sighing, sweating, head-scratching, face touching, leg hopping, slouching or other signs of withdrawal, etc. Any of these signs and some others could indicate that your opponent is bluffing or may not have as a good hand as you may think.

Bluffing can be a successful way of getting the win, but it is risky. Only experienced players who can manipulate their opponents and read them well should attempt a bluff. Have a look at some more tips here and here.



4 Most Famous Poker Players in the World

4 Most Famous Poker Players in the World - 4 Most Famous Poker Players in the World

Only a handful of people in the world have the skill and experience to make playing poker a career. These guys know how to play the game to make sure that they walk away with enough money to sustain their lifestyle. Many have come and gone and a few have stayed on the top lists for several years. Let’s have a look at some of the current top players in the world.

Antonio Esfandiari (The Magician)
Antonio Esfandiari - 4 Most Famous Poker Players in the World
Antonio Esfandiari is one of the most popular and well-known pro poker players in the world. He started his career in poker 10 years ago and has consistently won himself six figures to take home. He holds three World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles. His biggest win was in 2012 at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas when he took away the grand prize of $18, 346, 673.

Daniel Negreanu (Kid Poker)
Daniel Negreanu - 4 Most Famous Poker Players in the World
Daniel Negreanu is one of the pro poker players that have taken home the highest total winnings at $34,231,816. He was recently named the Global Poker Index player of the decade. This accolade was awarded him due to his consistent and strong performances in the live poker arena for the last 10 years. He holds six World Series of Poker bracelets.

Phil Hellmuth (The Poker Brat)
Phil Hellmuth - 4 Most Famous Poker Players in the World
Phil Hellmuth is a household name and anyone who enjoys poker probably knows his name. He holds 14 World Series of Poker bracelets and is considered the best. Phil has walked away with more World Series of Poker cashes than anyone else in the world. He may be called ‘The Poker Brat’, but with total winnings of @21,399,093 and the highest number of cashes, we wouldn’t mind it too much.

Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel - 4 Most Famous Poker Players in the World
Erik Seidel has been in the poker game for three decades with his first note-worthy win in 1988. He came second in World Series of Poker Main Event. He really started making a name for himself in 2011 and had a year-long roll where he kept winning and walked away with 6.5 million. The hand he won with in 1988 was used in the well-known poker movie Rounders.
These guys are part of the 10% of the poker players in the world that have succeeded in making poker their careers. Watching them play and strategize is inspiring and entertaining. Visit our EVENTS page for some events you can attend to some of the big guns play.



7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games

7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games - 7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games

When it comes to online gaming of any kind there is no shortage of choice. There are hundreds of poker sites, slots sites, bingo sites, and more. You can pick whichever one you want. However, as with most things, there are a few of these sites that stand out as the best. It is usually the guys with more experience and a good understanding of what their clientele want. So, we gathered some intel, played a few sites ourselves and came up with a top 5. These are the 5 online poker sites that Bola Today recommends.


1. Poker Stars

Poker Stars - 7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games
Poker Stars is our number one for various reasons. First, it has the biggest range of cash games and tournaments than any other online poker room. It is also the biggest online poker world anywhere in the real world. Second, the developers went all out and you can be sure that you are playing on only the best software. Third, it is the home to the biggest weekly tournament in the world – Sunday Million. If that’s not enough yet, they also accept a wide range of deposit options include VISA, NETELLER, Skrill, and more.


2. Party Poker

Party Poker - 7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games
Party Poker has been around for several years and was once the top site before Poker Stars came along. However, it is far from second-rate and still holds its own with a great selection of games, guaranteed tournaments, and a lot of activity. The room is always busy and offers great bonuses and promotions. The software is great and the site is trusted and safe.


3. William Hill

William Hill - 7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games
William Hill is a well-known name across the world. The William Hill gaming site is one of the largest in the world and offers one of the biggest selections of games in the world. At present, it is the third largest site when it comes to poker. William Hill forms part of the iPoekr Network and is by far the best and biggest on this network. William Hill is trusted and safe and you can enjoy a range of other games including slots if you need a break from poker.


4. 888 Poker

888 Poker - 7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games
888 Poker is an old cat on the block and has been around for a long time. The developers re-introduce the site with new software and features every now and then to make sure they stay up to date. You can choose from different poker games as well as slots and others. You will be spoiled for choice. The graphics are the good, the site is appealing, and they offer enough great promotions and tournaments to make you want to go back again.


5. Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes Poker - 7 Top Ranking Online Poker Games
Ladbrokes is a well-known online casino and offers a range of different games including poker. You can choose from a variety of poker traditional poker games including Texas Hold’em, Seven-Draw Stud and more. You can expect great promotions, bonuses and loyalty packages. This is one of Europe’s most famous and most popular online poker sites.

No matter which one of these you choose to play at, you will have a great experience. All five of these sites are top-notch and safe and you are sure to have some fun and win a few dollars or pounds.