If you’re an aspiring poker player, you need to take part in poker events to get experience and learn how to play the game well enough to actually win. There may be an element of luck involved with poker, but you also need the strategy, experience, and understanding to actually win more than once and not because of a fluke.

To hone your skills and gain the necessary experience, attend one or more of these local events.


Poker Players Pro – October 28th

New York Hotel and Conference Center

This is the annual event for up and coming poker players. You get to meet some of the greats and learn from them. There are seminars, but mostly it involves hands-on instructions and demonstrations of what to do and what not to do. You can learn a lot from these guys.

Annual New York Poker Tournament – November 4th

Madison Square Garden

This tournament has been running for ten years and is a big local event. All New York poker players and some international pros come to show what they have and win the big prize money. This event is a great start for you to see how it works in real life and what the stakes are.


Poker Pals – October 11th and 12th

Central New York Hotel

This event is for beginners. If you have never played before or are still learning, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Local poker experts teach beginners the basics. Everything from winning hands, bluffing, when to fold, etc. is taught. It is a great event to attend if you want to get the basics down and also get some practice.